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Apply for OPT Extension for International students studying in the US have the chance to work part time. However, you will require a F1 visa. Optional Practical Training (OPT) is brief business that is specifically identified with an F-1 is a student’s temporary employment. Qualified students can apply to get up to a year of OPT can receive 12 months OPT approval before finishing their scholarly examinations. Be that as it may, after the expiry of a year of OPT program, the student would require to apply for OPT extension to remain in USA and proceed with work.

The STEM OPT extension allows some students with science, technology, engineering, or math degrees to apply to extend their post-completion OPT authorization.

To stand qualification for the 24 month STEM OPT extension, you should be eligible on following terms –

  • You should be in your F1 status
  • To apply for OPT extension as a STEM student, you should be actively involved in an employment during post completion OPT
  • Student applying for OPT extension, must have a bachelor or higher degree in one of the fields encompassing Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths.

Employment Requirements to Apply for OPT Extension

  • Have a paid job offer with a U.S employer enlisted with USCIS E – Verify program.
  • The employment working hours should be equal to 20 or more than 20 hours per week.
  • Contrary to 12 month OPT program, unpaid/volunteer employment is not valid under the 24 month OPT visa extension.

Time of Application
Students looking to apply for 24 months OPT extension must apply for the same before the expiry of their 12 month OPT period.

How to Apply for 24 Month OPT Extension

To apply for the extension of OPT visa, Complete and submit your STEM OPT Extension I-20 Request to Immigration support Services.
Once your application is processed, An ISS adviser will review your application and issue a new, updated I-20 with a STEM OPT Extension recommendation.
Now you would need to pick up the new application and apply via the endorsed I- 20 by signing at the bottom of the page.
After completing all the documentation, mail you application to the USCIS to complete the application process.

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